11 Stars out of 10

This is one of the best Glassdoor.com comments I have ever read. Enjoy:

“You will not find a better company to work for! There’s nothing like it.”
Current Employee – Member of Technical Staff in Albuquerque, NM
I have been working at Sandia National Laboratories full-time (More than 5 years)


This is my top ten list:

  1. Easy to get a job. Lack of candidates with US citizenship and advanced degrees resulted in hiring those who couldn’t get or keep jobs in private sector. Interviews consist of behavioral questions, and no technical questions are asked.
  2. Non-existent dress code. I have seen more cleavage and butt cheeks here than at Hooters. There are many college coeds and office admins who dress provocatively. A+
  3. Work-life balance would make French jealous. Many employees take 2 hour lunch breaks and/or always come in late and leave early. Working over weekends is so uncommon, you will not see another living soul around. Telecommuting is encouraged, and some employees never show up for work.
  4. Encouraged to come up with the most ridiculous ideas that get funded. Never mind if there is no market for your product/idea because you will get more money to go around and market this product to other groups and customers. It is a great place to reinvent the wheel.
  5. At the end of each financial year, you get to splurge on new equipment, computers, and etc to spend down unused funds.
  6. Get time off for working overtime.
  7. Traveling to conferences and training is encouraged.
  8. Outstanding educational benefits – You get to go full time to an Ivy League university while getting paid 75% of your salary.
  9. Opportunity to shake hands with state officials and senators who like to come over and brag how much they did for SNL and NM.
  10. Free healthcare at the onsite clinic.


Keep doing the same thing. There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.

Advice to Management

No downsides at all to working here. This place will ruin you for other jobs.

3 thoughts on “11 Stars out of 10

  1. Sandia is the best kept secret in the engineering and tech industries for underachievers. If you don’t mind a relatively small salary and lack of financial incentives, can put up with a rigged evaluation system, and can ignore insults from managers, it’s a great place to work.

    1. You forgot to mention that it’s also a great place to work if you have a tenuous grip on the English language–preferable if you learned spanglish from UNM or UTEP.

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