A Very Disgruntled Employee

Here are Glassdoor.com comments from one employee who left very unhappy. But his or her complaints could provide management with several ideas for improving the work environment at Sandia.


I can’t think of a single thing. I am quitting soon and going back to academia.


  • There is no money for R & D
  • If you have a PhD you will be treated without the respect earned by your degree
  • There are “technical staff” who couldn’t balance an equation if their life depended on it
  • The lab is full of lazy staff members
  • FFRDCs are losing funding and as a Sandian you cannot compete for money which is handed out to universities
  • if you are a PI, then some idiot manager will be placed in charge of your budget and will spend all the money on the “deadweight”
  • There is no focus on sound scientific research and development
  • Focus is on nuclear weapons and nothing else matters
  • No latitude for creativity
  • 90% of the technical staff is over the age of 50
  • Employees will tell government agencies anything they want to hear
  • Many people here do not understand the scientific method (engineer culture) or the value of hypothesis testing
  • Poor culture towards women, minorities, and LGBT (I am a white male)
  • Avid climate change deniers in Senior Management
  • A tattle culture

Advice to Management
Scuttle the ship?

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