Congress Should Act

Incompetence, Secrecy, and Lies at Sandia Labs

There have been just enough high-profile problems at Sandia to show that it is poorly managed. But the true depth of its corruption is rarely revealed.

However, early in 2016 the respected, conservative online news journal The Hill published an astounding article. Written by the former Protective Force chief of Operations at the labs, the article detailed how Sandia is “a never-ending story of corruption and cover-up at the expense of national security, the taxpayer, and truth-telling Sandia employees”

According to the article

  • Sandia management regularly fires or retaliates against whistleblowers
  • Sandia management lies to obtain additional contracts and additional expense to taxpayers
  • Sandia management does everything it can to cover up faults. Its normal reaction to any problem is to cover it up instead of looking for solutions

The article rings true because it simply amplifies the stories of lies, corruption, and retaliation that one hears throughout central New Mexico. The authority of its author and the details it presents give it a voice that should be reported in both New Mexico and Washington, DC.

The article calls for a thorough investigation of corruption and incompetence at Sandia Labs. An investigation is certainly warranted. So is a complete change of management. The present management of the labs is certainly less than competent.

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1 thought on “Congress Should Act

  1. You will certainly enjoy President Younger. C.Paul may have mastered the non-linear dynamics of the blow-drier along with the Art of the Innuendo in testimony to the Senate to block ratification of the CTBT. But Dr.Younger takes a more direct approach to deception- such as his description of DARHT as an X-ray machine to look inside nuclear weapons the way a doctor might take a chest X-ray to look at your heart.

    Rest assured: he may not need the federal statute that exempts lab directors from telling the truth to Congress, the President or the citizens. Odds are: S.Y. speaks “Trump” already.

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