Sources of Information

There are lots of sources of information about Sandia.

For the official company line, a good place to start is with Sandia’s official web site and Facebook page.  Of course, Google and Wikipedia also provide lots of other links.

For official DOE documents about Sandia, including many that are referred to on these pages, go to the main DOE web site and search for “Sandia”.  You’ll get about 3,500 hits, but you can filter the results somewhat using DOE’s search tools.  After that, it’s a matter of looking through the haystack for the needles.

One interesting place to look for information is on the pages of the Project on Government Oversight.  Again, search for “Sandia”.   At the present time, you’ll find 39 articles about the labs.

An organization called Nuclear Watch New Mexico is well worth looking at.  It also has an interesting blog site.

There are also blogs about Sandia’s sister labs.  I’ve only found one about Lawrence Livermore.  But there are at least three about Los Alamos and the numerous problems there:

Each takes a different approach and each has some interesting material.

Finally, there is a no-longer-active blog site about Sandia Lab that presents some interesting comments on the Shawn Carpenter fiasco.  It is called Sandia: The Downward Spiral.  You can find it here.


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