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Enjoy a Profitable Retirement

A DOE report issued in March, 2013, found that Sandia and its managers are adept at circumventing Sandia’s own policies.

One can retire from Sandia on Friday and return to work the following Monday as a contractor or consultant (while collecting retirement benefits). Although Sandia has a policy that says you cannot be paid more than you were earning as an employee, DOE found at least 8 cases where the newly designated contractor / consultant was being paid more than his or her original salary. In addition, in at least one case, the contractor / consultant worked for Sandia for 10 years, all the time raking in a higher salary plus retirement benefits.

This is not, unfortunately, a violation of federal law or DOE policy. Why not?

What does “retirement” mean at Sandia – just a chance to scoop up more money?

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