National Security Isn’t Important

Ignore National Security

To make a long story short: Shawn Carpenter was hired by Sandia to investigate computer security breaches. He found several breaches of networks at Sandia, Lockheed Martin, Redstone Arsenal, and NASA. He recognized that the breaches were similar and alerted the federal government of his findings.

Sandia told him to drop his investigation and concentrate only on Sandia computers. He ignored those orders and communicated his findings to the U.S. Army and the FBI. Sandia fired him.

During his termination hearing, Sandia’s chief of counter intelligence yelled, “[you’re] lucky you have such understanding management… if you worked for me, I would decapitate you! There would at least be blood all over the office!

He sued Sandia for wrongful termination and was awarded $4.7 million in 2007.

Carpenter and the jury believed he had performed a valuable national service by detailing Chinese hacking of US computers and showing ways to stop the hacking. Sandia didn’t see National Cyber Security as any part of its concern.

This case has received national attention in many, many publications. If you are interested, a good place to start in on Wikipedia (, where you will find a list of about 20 major articles about the case.

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