Safety Issues

If you read Sandia’s own self-congratulatory web pages and Facebook page, you’ll see that it does a lot of work in a lot of different disciplines.  You might even miss the fact that its primary mission is to maintain the nation’s nuclear stockpile.

Much of the work that Sandia does is potentially dangerous.  The lab has numerous safety procedures and policies to mitigate the inherent dangers in much of its work.  Those safety procedures exist to protect employees and, ultimately, the residents of central New Mexico.

Unfortunately, there are far too many examples of Sandia ignoring its own safety procedures and policies.  And each time it does so, it endangers us all:


2 thoughts on “Safety Issues

  1. We stopped work once when contractors right outside our trailer air intake were running a generator and equipment. People inside were getting headaches and you could smell the fumes. We got in trouble for stopping work. CO is a nuisance and not a safety hazard apparently.

  2. Office space and parking are becoming hot-button issues. One office work group was put in an old machine shop. What kind of machine shop was never established. It was asbestos-lined, complete with burned-out old light fixtures for which bulbs could no longer be found, a drop ceiling concealing a beryllium contaminated gantry crane, and four active high voltage transformers. It was a dark, asthma-inducing space, complete with an energy-sapping hum. The group was told to suck it up, buy task lighting, and be grateful for an office.

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