Selected Quotes from Glassdoor

The comments about Sandia at range from glowingly wonderful to downright awful. Some of the glowing comments were likely written by Sandia’s own PR or HR departments (a common practice with many companies) to help attract new employees.

But if Sandia would take seriously comments like those below, it would be a much better place.

  • The performance review process is ridiculous.
  • Lots of bureaucracy and office politics.
  • Vision and purpose very much lacking.
  • Management not open to hearing ideas, Director /Sr. Manager doesn’t really care about managing people, some also don’t have any real management training.
  • Extremely socially conservative among the technical ranks. Diversity is decreasing. If you are from the military, you may like it here. Women, people of color, non-Christians, and liberal thinkers are all put down.
  • The bureaucracy is pretty bad. I’ve witnessed many bright staff pour their hearts and lives into Lab projects over the years only to get their passion and motivation drained by the Sandia system.
  • Performance reviews are not at all based on “performance”, but instead based on office politics and/or how well your manager likes you.
  • The most LGBT unfriendly employer I have ever seen, with institutionalized workplace bullying.

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